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General Speech Terms

allusions - references by an author or speaker to something readers or listeners are supposed to know about

discourse - written or oral communication

persuasion - discourse that uses appeals to logic or emotion to convince someone to change his or her ideas

rhetorical question - a question an author asks to get readers or listeners thinking; not a question that one is to answer aloud


From Patrick Henry's Speech 

assertion - a statement that declares a position on some issuePatrick Henry or topic

adversary n.: opponent

avert v.: prevent; turn away

inevitable adj.: not avoidable

insidious adj.: sly; sneaky

inviolate adj.: uncorrupted

martial adj.: warlike

solace v.: comfort
spurned v.: rejected
supplication n.: plea; prayer
vigilant adj. used as n.: those who are watchful


Directions for Pencil and Paper Quiz: Students take out a blank piece of paper. The teacher says each word and students must write each word, spelled correctly. Then teacher says each definition and students write it next to the appropriate vocabulary word. If unsure, students can write the spoken definitions at the bottom of their papers and after hearing all definitions, draw lines to the appropriate word.

Grading: Students take out a pen that is a different color than the one used for taking the quiz and self-grade as teacher reads answers. Those who do not have a pen with a different color ink must exchange papers with another student who will write "Graded by" and then his/her name.

Extra Credit: Use these words in a discussion or paragraph to explain what the Puritans added to humans' understanding of their role in the universe.



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