"Upon the Burning of Our House" + SAT Vocabulary and Discussion     Burning House

plain style - writing with uncomplicated sentences and the use of everyday words from common speech.  

high or ornate style - the writing that was in fashion in England in the 1600s—a style that used classical allusions, Latin quotations, and elaborate figures of speech

inversion - "Yoda speak," putting words in unusual order to help create rhythm and rhyme

                    Example: “In silent night when rest I took” instead of “In silent night when I took


meter - a pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables in poetry

foot - one set of a pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables in poetry

iambic pentameter - a common English rhyming pattern where each line of a poem has five feet of unstressed and stressed   syllables

iambic pentameter markings

succorless - helpless


converge - to come together

diverge - to separate

antidote - medicine that counteracts a poison

anecdote - a short, entertaining story (often used to begin a speech or teach a lesson)

congenital - existing at birth

                      example: The baby had a congenital heart defect.

congenial - warm and friendly

Source: These words were compiled from materials no longer available.

Quiz Directions: Students take out a blank piece of paper. Teacher says each word and students must write each word, spelled correctly. Then teacher says each definition and students write it next to the appropriate vocabulary word. If unsure, students can write the spoken definitions at the bottom of their papers and after hearing all definitions, draw lines to the appropriate word.

Grading: Students take out a pen that is a different color than the one used for taking the quiz and self-grade as teacher reads answers. Those who do not have a pen with a different color ink must exchange papers with another student who will write "Graded by" and then his/her name.

Extra Credit Discussion/Paragraph: Use these words in a discussion or paragraph to explain what the Puritans added to humanity's understanding of its role in the universe.


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