"Coyote Finishes His Work" + SAT Vocabulary

myths - stories about the origin of the universe, humans, and natural events (discredited religious stories)

archetypes - repeating patterns in literature:

                    plots (hero dies, hero wins girl, hero goes on quest...)

                    characters (the trickster, the savior, the rescued maiden, the wise old man, the innocent young girl...)

                    images (a place where people never die, a golden cup, great treasure)

                    (The trickster hero is a character archetype found in Native American, African, and Scandinavian myths as well as in modern fiction including comics.)

metamorphoses - changes in shape or form


altercation - quarrel

chagrin - embarrassment

deluge - flood

novice - beginner, newcomer

Directions for Practice: Teachers may print out or display this page using a computer and projector. Students copy words and definitions, illustrate each word, and after reading the story use each word to discuss the story and answer the essential question the story poses.

Essential Question: What role does humanity play in the universe?

Related Questions: If there is a god or gods, how does that affect people and their behavior? Could gods have human traits? Is good and evil at war within humans, outside of humans, or everywhere? What did the Native Americans who created and shared this story teach their people and today's readers about humanity and about the universe? Support your opinions with evidence from the text.

Quiz Directions: Students take out a blank piece of paper. Teacher says each word and students must write each word, spelled correctly. Then teacher says each definition and students write it next to the appropriate vocabulary word. If unsure, students can write the spoken definitions at the bottom of their papers and after hearing all definitions, draw lines to the appropriate word.

Grading: Students take out a pen that is a different color than the one used for taking the quiz and self-grade as teacher reads answers. Those who do not have a pen with a different color ink must exchange papers with another student who will write "Graded by" and then his/her name.