Unit 2 Research Paper

     For this paper, we will be reading, analyzing, and taking notes from online texts and The Crucible to create a research paper. 
For this first paper of the year, we will be using a frame to help us prove which three characters in The Crucible 
are most to blame for the deaths of innocent people.
Note: Do not forget to emphasize in your paper that you are discussing the characters of the play, not the real people.
  1. A title page, an outline page, and a works cited page

  2. Final draft created by using Microsoft Word with a body having a minimum of three or more double spaced pages

  3. Use of correct MLA style, 7th edition

  4. No plagiarism

  5. In-text parenthetical citations with introductory phrases

  6. No spelling errors that can be caught by Microsoft Word, very few other errors

  7. Grammar checked by MS Word, the student, and a peer

  8. Meets all aspects of the Englewood School District Research Paper Evaluation form


Sample Works-Cited Entries (These must go on the last page of your research paper.)
Bigsby, Christopher. Introduction. The Crucible. By Arthur Miller. New York: Penguin, 1995. vii-xxv. Print.
Miller, Arthur. The Crucible. New York: Penguin, 1995. Print.