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Englewood High School Research Paper Standards


Each of the areas is evaluated 1 Ė 4.  A total score of 3 or 4 fulfills the Grade 11 proficiency requirement.


Lower Level Responses





Upper Level Responses

I. Process

A. Topic is too narrow or broad.

B. Thesis statement or outline is weak or missing.

C. Information is collected incorrectly or resources are inappropriate.

D. The student fails to write or revise rough draft or misses deadlines.






A. Narrows the topic adequately.

B. Works from a plan which includes a thesis statement and outline.

C. Locates and accesses appropriate resources, appropriate specifics.

D. Collects information according to teacher specifications.

E.  Analyzes and assimilates research.

F.  Writes and revises paper; meets deadline.

II. Paper Quality

A. The paperís organization is unclear or ineffective; transitions are missing or inappropriate.

B. The thesis statement is underdeveloped.  Support is lacking or unrelated.

C. Paraphrasing and quotations are inaccurate or ineffective.

D. Sources are not integrated.

E.  Writing is repetitious, confusing, choppy or disconnected.

F.  The paper contains mechanical errors.





Paper Quality

A. The paperís organization is clear and effective; appropriate transitions are used.

B. The thesis statement is thoroughly developed with specific support from the research.

C. Sources are paraphrased and/or quoted accurately and effectively.

D. Sources are integrated.

E.  The writing style is effective.

F.  There are few mechanical errors.

III. Documentation

A. Plagiarizes either intentionally or unintentionally by paraphrasing poorly, quoting inaccurately or failing to document material.

B. Fails to credit sources accurately.

C. Fails to give credit to all quoted and paraphrased material.






A. Avoids plagiarism by paraphrasing and quoting adequately.

B. Follows a consistent procedure for crediting sources according to teacher instruction.

C. Credits all quoted and paraphrased material.

IV. Paper Format

A. Title page is missing or incorrect.

B. Outline is missing, incomplete or incorrect.

C. Body is not the specified length.

D. Works Cited is missing or incorrect.

E.  Paper is not neatly typed.





Paper Format

The paper must include:

A. Title page and outline.

B. Body of a specified length.

C. Works Cited page.

D. Paper must be neatly typed.



Score             Total Points

 1  =                     4-5

 2  =                     6-10

 3  =                    11-14

 4  =                    15-16