Practice Creating Works Cited Entries and Parenthetical Citations



Information from a variety of sources is listed below. On a separate sheet of paper, create a practice “Works Cited” page, using the the EasyBib and How to-Works Cited buttons on your Writer's Workshop class Web page.  At the bottom of your page, write each matching parenthetical citation.

MLA Guidelines

Sample Source Information

·        Double space all lines on the page by selecting “Format,” “Paragraph,” “Line spacing,” and “Double.”

·        Entries must be in alphabetical order by author’s last name or, if name is not available, by the first word of the title which is not an article or preposition.

·        For source entries, use a hanging indent (set in paragraph formatting).

·        Capitalize titles appropriately.  Book titles are italicized and article titles appear in quotation marks.

·        Reprinted works require the original publication date as well as the date the reprint was published. The original publication date comes after the title.

·        Full dates require the day-month-year format: 1 Dec. 2003

·        Multiple works by the same author are listed alphabetically by title, not by date. Use three hyphens followed by a period in place of the author's name in subsequent works by the same exact author(s).

·        Give authors' full names. List up to three authors to a work; with four or more authors, type the first author’s name (last name, first) plus the two words "et al."

·        Your entries must match the parenthetical citations in the body of your paper.

·        Source #1

Author is unknown.  Article title = Affirmative Action.  Part of database = American History.  Date of online publication = 2007. Database = ABC-CLIO.  Date student accessed the web site = 1/3/07.  The Internet address (URL) of the site =

·        Source #2

Author = Cornel West.  Book title = Race Matters.  City where published = Boston.  Year published = 1993. Name of publisher = Beacon.

·        Source #3

Author is unknown.  Article title = Affirmative Action.  Name of encyclopedia = Grolier Mulitmedia Encyclopedia.  Type of encyclopedia = online school database.  Date of publication = 2007.  Date of student access = 1/3/07.   Internet address (URL) =

·        Source #4

Author is unknown.  Article title = The Color of Change; Why Are We Still Debating Whether Race Should Be a Factor in College Admissions?.  Name of magazine = Newsweek.  Date magazine article was published = Nov 13, 2006.  Page number = 52.  Name of database = InfoTrac.  Part of database = Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center.  Name of library = Englewood Sr. High Library.  Date of student access = 1/3/07. Internet address (URL, including document number) = tabID =T003&prodId=IPS&docId= A154036289& source=gale&userGroupName