The MLA (Eighth Edition) Research Paper    

Step 1 - View the MLA 8th Edition Google Presentation, and check your understanding by writing answers to questions.

Important: The Google presentation is accessible to all - just click on a slide to advance to the next slide. You do not have to download.

Step 2- View a sample research paper with labeled parts and explanations:

    MLA 8th edition, 2016 PDF

Step 3 - Check MLA answers.

Step 4 - Choose your topic.

Step 5 - Survey your topic and create a works-cited page.

Step 6 - Narrow your topic, write a thesis, and evaluate a peer's thesis.

Step 7 - Create note cards (and more works-cited entries if necessary) and check note cards.

Step 8 - Use note cards to make an outline.

Step 9 - Write the first draft and evaluate/revise draft

Step 10 - Edit your paper.


Google Docs Template (for those with Google accounts; others use the provided Microsoft Word Template provided below)

Click on the link - MLA Eighth Edition Research Paper Template.

You will be asked to sign in to Google. After you do, go to File  and click on Make a copy.

Change the name of the document; for example, Sam's Copy of MLA 8. Then click ok.

By following the directions in the template paper, you should be able to quickly create an organized and correctly formatted paper.


Microsoft Word Template

MLA Eighth Edition Research Paper Template

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