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Fly Me to an "A" on Mr. Fornnarino's Semester 1 Final Exam               (Vocabulary Section)
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Directions: Definitions for vocabulary words are on the left. Vocabulary words are on the right in drop-down boxes. Choose the correct vocabulary word for each definition.                                                                                         Race: After you've made all of your choices, click on Start Race. Your hungry fly is on the left. The competing fly wants to get to the barbecue grill before you. The more answers you get right (green responses), the faster you race. If you want to play again, click on New Race.
1. with fear  
2. to comfort  
3. friendly  
4. guilt   
5. uselessness 

6. with friendliness  
7. honest  
8. native
9. curious  
10. disbelieving  
11. evil 
12. embarrassment  
13. deeply  
14. a question  
15. to stop   
16. regret 
17. dislike  
18. to inspect  
19. dirtiness
20. angrily  
Lets race
Lets race