Literature Review and Romantic Literature Questions


1.     What are some characteristics of Native American literature?

2.     Define archetypes and give two examples.

3.     Who was an American Romantic writer who based his own understanding of the universe on respect for nature?

4.     According to our textbook, who were the first Europeans to come to the New World?

5.     What made the Puritans different from other colonists?

6.     Why did the Puritans want a good education?

7.     How did the Puritans define good writing?

8.     How are the beliefs of today’s Americans similar to those of the Puritans?

9.     What did Anne Bradstreet teach her readers?

10.  What did Bradstreet do to create rhythm and rhyme?

11.  What style did Bradstreet use?

12.  What are two things Cotton Mather is famous for doing?

13.  What did Jonathan Edwards teach listeners to his sermon and what literary devices did he use?

14.  Is The Crucible an example of Puritan literature?

15.  What was the American Age of Enlightenment?

16.  What are two of Benjamin Franklin’s works?

17.  What was the purpose of Patrick Henry’s speech?

18.  What two kinds of persuasion did he use?

19.  How can you recognize each of his forms of persuasion?

20.  What are counterarguments?

21.  What did the Romantics believe?

22.  What did the Transcendentalists believe?

23.  What was the movement that furthered American education, self-improvement, and cultural development called?

24.  What did the American Romantic writers think about cities?

25.  Why did American Romantic writers reject rationalism?

26.  What did James Fenimore Cooper write about?

27.  What does Cooper’s most famous character represent?

28.  Did American Romantic poets value English themes and forms or American ones?

29.  What did the Dark Romantics explore?

30. Which do you believe adds the most to humanity's role in the universe: the power of the individual or the power of society?  Why?