The Crucible Act Three Questions


1. Why is the behind-the-scenes discussion between Hathorne, Danforth, Martha Corey, and Giles Corey important? You must write the page numbers where you found the answers to get credit!


2. Who does Proctor bring into court with him?


3. What does Mary Warren tell Judge Danforth?


4. Why is the fact that Proctor plowed on Sunday a concern?


5. What does Judge Danforth tell Proctor about Elizabeth?


6. What arrangement does Danforth make for Elizabeth regarding the date of her hanging?


7. Danforth assumes Proctor would drop his fight once Elizabeth's arrangement is made -- why does Proctor refuse to back down?


8. What document does Proctor present to Danforth, and what does the document say?


9. How many people have signed the document?



10. What does Danforth do to those who signed the document presented by Proctor?


11. Explain the statement made by Danforth: "a person is either with this court or he or she must be counted against it, their be no road between." Is this true?



12. What is meant by Proctor's statement "Do that which is good, and no harm shall come to thee."



13. What accusation does Giles Corey make against Thomas Putnam?


14. What information does Corey withhold from the court?


15. Who does Danforth say can best identify a witch?


16. What change occurs in the opinion of Rev. Hale?


17. Does Mary Warren actually admit that she lied even when she knew innocent people would hang by her evidence?


18. What can Mary Warren not do when requested? What point does Hathorne make about it?



19. What secret does John openly admit to Danforth?


20. What does Elizabeth do to protect John Proctor's name?


21. What does Mary Warren say to reverse her reversal of prior testimony?


22. What evidence is there that Rev. Hale no longer believes the testimony and crying our of the girls?


23. What do the girls do to convince the men otherwise? Why? How do their actions further befuddle (confuse) Mary?




Source: Unknown - These questions are all over the Internet. My original Web site had the earliest date I could find. I've used these questions so long that I no longer remember if I adapted a source or created the questions myself. If you created this question set and want credit or want me to remove this set, please e-mail me through my home page.