The Crucible - Act One - Write the page number for each answer or no credit will be given!

1. Why is Miller's note on historical accuracy important? How old was the real Abigail? Did she really have an affair with John Proctor?

2. Who are Reverend Parris, Betty, and Abigail? What is their relationship?

3. Who is Tituba? What is her relationship to the family? 

4. What is wrong with Betty?

5. Why does Parris suggest calling in Reverend Hale?

6. Who are Ann and Thomas Putnam? What do they suggest is Betty's problem? What is their motivation for suggesting this?

7. Rev. Parris is worried that Abigail's actions have jeopardized something important-What is jeopardized?

8. Who is Ruth? What is wrong with her?  How do the Putnams link her problem to Betty's?

9. What does the conversation between Abigail, Mercy Lewis, Mary Warren, and Betty reveal about their recent activities?

10. What will Abigail bring to those who breathe a word of the truth?

 11. Give three characteristics of John Proctor.

12. What event transpired between Abigail and John Proctor prior to the beginning of Act One?

13. What does Abigail say about Elizabeth Proctor? How might this affect the outcome of the play?

14. What happens to Betty when she hears the Lord's name?

15. Why didn't the Putnams like the Nurses?

16. What does Rebecca say about Betty's condition?

17. Give two examples that Proctor, Putnam, and Corey give for why Parris is an ineffective minister.

18. What is the Putnam's grievance over land? What significance might this have?

19. Describe Giles Corey in one sentence.

20. How does Miller describe Reverend Hale?

21. How does Hale confuse Tituba? What is the significance of their conversation?

22. How and by whom are the other villagers accused of witchcraft? What is the motivation of the girls' accusations? and How many people are accused on the last page of act one?


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