The Crucible - Act Four Questions - You must write the page numbers where you found the answers to get credit!

1. What time of day does Act IV open?

2. Whose presence in the jail makes Danforth upset?

3. Cheever says that cows are running freely in the streets. Why are they roaming?

4. Who does Parris say has robbed him and vanished from the town?

5. What object did Parris see as an intentional threat to his life?

6. How many people have hanged already, and why does Danforth refuse to postpone any hangings?

7. Who has been arrested and detained in the dungeon.

8. Is Elizabeth really pregnant?

9. Rev. Hale offers four signs that the town is being ruined, please list them.

10. Who is planning to hang when the sun rises in a few hours?

11. Does Rebecca confess to witchcraft?

12. Give two reasons why Giles Corey was smart for not admitting or denying the charges against him.

13. What were Giles Corey's dying words, and how did he die?

14. What does Proctor admit to?

15. What will Proctor not sign?

16. Why would Proctor admit, but not sign, a confession of his guilt?

17. How does Proctor think Danforth is using him?

18. What finally happens to Proctor's confession?

19. What happens to John Proctor?

20. List the fate of these characters:


Rev. Parris




Abigail Williams


 John Proctor


Rebecca Nurse


Giles Corey


Martha Corey


Rev. Hale


Elizabeth Proctor


21. Did you like The Crucible? Why or why not? How is it related to the Red Scare of the 1950s?





Source: Unknown - These questions are all over the Internet. My original Web site had the earliest date I could find. I've used these questions so long that I no longer remember if I adapted a source or created the questions myself. If you created this question set and want credit or want me to remove this set, please e-mail me through my home page.