The Crucible – Act 3 Vocabulary


abundant  – marked by great plenty

affidavit – a sworn statement in writing made especially under oath or on affirmation before an

                authorized magistrate or officer

anonymity - secrecy; having an unknown or unacknowledged name

audible - able to be heard

auger – a tool used for boring or drilling holes

base – degrading; contemptuous

befuddled  – muddled, stupefied, confused

callously – in a manner of feeling or showing no emotion

contemptuous - scornful

contentious - quarrelsome

daft - crazy

deferentially – in a manner of showing respect and esteem due a superior or an elder

deposition – testimony taken down in writing under oath

effrontery  – shameless boldness

gait  – pace; a manner or rate of movement or progress

gulling  – taking advantage of; deceiving

immaculate – spotlessly clean

imperceptible – extremely slight, gradual, or subtle

incredulously  – skeptically; with disbelief

ipso facto  – Latin for “by the fact itself”

manifest – evidence; appearance; sign

plaintiff  – a person who brings a legal action against another

probity – honesty; integrity; adherence to the highest principles and ideals

qualm  – misgiving; a feeling of uneasiness about a point especially of conscience or propriety

slovenly  – sloppily

unperturbed – untroubled

vestry – an elective body in an Episcopal parish composed of the rector and a group of elected

parishioners administering the temporal affairs of the parish