Book Report



Open your activity book and read the introductory information. Then complete “Understanding the Language of the Story” on your own lined paper. Then, while you read, answer the “What Can You See?” questions and the “While You Are Reading” questions. When you finish your book, answer the rest of the questions from your activity book. Then you will create a brochure with paragraphs and pictures which will encourage your classmates to choose your book to read as their next book. You will be evaluated according to the rubric.


Setting (Paragraph 1)


Describe the time and place of the story: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Write about the setting (examples: setting makes story exciting, setting has an important effect on main character, setting is/is not exciting or new, setting increased my knowledge of something): ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________



Main Character (Paragraph 2)


Main Character: ___________________________________________________________

Describe this character: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

The main character changes from ____________________ to ____________________ by the end of the story.


The main character does the right thing when:


I can identify with the character when:



Other Characters (1 Paragraph per Character)


Another Character: ___________________________________________________________


Details: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Plot Summary Paragraph (Include all items in the plot diagram.)


The introduction of story - background information, setting, and mood

Rising Action
The events leading up to the climax.

The high point - the most exciting part - of the story


Falling Action
The events which occur right after the climax.



The end of the plot that reveals the final outcome of its conflicts or the solution of its mysteries


Grading Rubric

Cover and Illustrations

Poor (D-F)


Cover of brochure includes only the title of the book; no illustrations throughout brochure. Name of Web sites are not given.

Fair (C-D+)


Cover of brochure includes title, author, and illustrations; 2 or fewer illustrations throughout brochure. Name of Web sites are given.

Good (A-B)


Cover of brochure includes title of book, author and illustrations of the book, as well as a picture that describes the book; 3 or more illustrations throughout brochure. Name of Web sites are given.

Content - Setting



Student does not give any information on setting of the book



Student gives (written and illustrated) either time or place but not both



Student informs of setting time period and place either by illustrations and written

Content - Characters



Student is unable to identify main character and traits of other characters.



Student is able to identify 2 or fewer character traits or main character but not both.



Student correctly identifies main character as well as 3 or more character traits of other characters in the book.

Content - Events



Student’s brochure does not represent any events occurring within the book.



Student identifies 2 or fewer events represented within the book.



Student identifies 3 or more events from the book.