"Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" Vocabulary and Spelling Quiz

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During the 1730s a period of religious revival in America known as the encouraged Americans to embrace their Puritan heritage and recommit themselves to God. Revivalist preachers often used (words or phrases that compare one thing to another, unlike thing) which greatly affected listeners. Sermons could church visitors to accept God and to behave better. Ideas and words to the Bible were quoted and explained. Preachers, concerned about the possible damnation of people's souls, their listeners by insulting and scaring them. Although many people today consider it to scare people into accepting a religion, others see such an action as a workable . After all, if an being like God does exist, shouldn't humans learn what can such a being? Shouldn't humans learn what such a being hates or ? If humans do not please God, then couldn't He/She/It ruin a person's and/or soul in terrible, ways? These are the questions preachers asked themselves and their listeners. Even today, people wonder if there is life after death and, if there is, is there a heaven? Is there a hell?