Name ______________________________  English 1 – Study Guide for Final Exam


Word Bank

dilapidated        internal conflict  antagonism       maneuvering                 query   

recoil                external conflict infatuated          hierarchy                      proper nouns

elation              exposition                     falling action      rising action                  climax

abusive quotation marks            conflict emblem                        martyrs

resolution          distraught                      prediction         concussion       

Understanding Themes


  1. What is the purpose of the first sentence in a paragraph?
  2. What is the purpose of the body of a paragraph?
  3. What is the purpose of the end of a paragraph?
  4. Write an example of a phrase.
  5. Write an example of a clause.
  6. Write an example of a complete sentence.
  7. What lesson does “The Utterly Perfect Murder” teach readers? (Hint: What kind of revenge does not hurt the person who carries it out?
  8. Correctly write the following sentence:
           work well the teacher said and you will earn a good grade on your final
  9. What does the author of “American History” teach readers about interracial relationships that could blossom into love?
  10. Correctly write the following sentence:
         My aunt is planning to visit us, but uncle clark can't come.
  11. Correctly write the following sentence:
         I called father to tell him I would be late.   
  12. Correctly write the following sentence:
         I am not anti-republican.
  13. Correctly write the following sentence:
         We will be taking the MAP as well as the district writing assessment she said

Fill-in-the Blank Vocabulary

Word Bank
tribute               solace               suave                illiteracy            dubious            incarnation

resigned            epitome            sacrilegious       cascading         essence            incessantly


  1.  I was _____________ to the fact that I would not ever get an a good grade in my hardest class.
  2. _________________ is something people need when they are miserable.
  3. An extremely successful person is the _____________ of success.
  4. A person who was ______________ would answer a question with the words, “I don’t know.”
  5. George Washington is an _________________ of the love of liberty.
  6. He was not ________________; he was awkward.
  7. People give ________________ to successful people at awards ceremonies.
  8. Marguerite certainly did not speak _____________________; she hardly spoke at all.
  9. __________________ is a problem in which people cannot read or write.
  10. __________________ teardrops are drops which flow downward.
  11. The _______________ of a person is made up of his or her basic qualities.
  12. A ________________ person is someone who shows disrespect for religion.


Word Bank

pronoun                        indefinite pronoun                     antecedent        Fiction

Nonfiction                    autobiography                           allusion dyslexia           

personal narrative         biography                                


  1.  A _______________ is a word that stands for a person, place, or thing.  Examples are I, he, she, it, and they.
  2.  An ________________   ____________________ is a word that stands for a noun, but it may not have an antecedent.
  3.  An _________________ is a noun that a pronoun replaces (refers back to).
  4.  ______________________ is a term that is applied to a story that is invented, not true.
  5.  _______________________ is a term that is applied to a story that is not false, but true.
  6.  An  _______________________ is the story of a person’s life, written by that person.
  7.  An ________________________ is a term for an author’s shortcut, in which the author refers to a person, place, thing, or event the reader is expected to know.
  8.  A ___________________ _______________________ is the story of one incident in a person’s life, written by that person.
  9.  A _____________________ is the story of a person’s life, written by another person.
  10.  __________________ is a word that refers to a person’s physical difficulty learning to read.
  11. What does the author of “Marigolds” teach us about the lack of hope and opportunity causing destructive behavior?
  12. What does the author of “The Road Not Taken” teach us about being conformists or nonconformists?

Mark the rhyme scheme of the following verse:

  1. Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, ____
  2. And sorry I could not travel both _____
  3. And be one traveler, long I stood _____
  4. And looked down one as far as I could _____
  5. To where it bent in the undergrowth. _____

43.  What is the setting of To Kill a Mockingbird?  (Remember, this question requires answers to both time and place.)

Correct the following sentences:

  1. Me and her went to see a movie yesterday.
  2. Give the book to your advisement teacher or I.    


 Fill-in-the-Blank To Kill a Mockingbird  Vocabulary

Word Bank

ramrod             malevolent        assuaged          foray                brethren            repertoire

dictum              domicile            beadle              corset               vapid                ambled

impotent           impudent          apothecary       Methodists       picket               predilection

piety                 taciturn human chattels                                     

46.  He _____________ down the road because he was in no hurry.

47.  In the old days an ___________________ could prescribe drugs.

48.  Jem's fears about being able to play football were _____________, so he didn’t have to worry about his bad arm keeping him from playing

49.  A ____________ maintains order at various civil functions such as trials and town hall meetings.

50.  The _________________ at a church work together like brothers.

51.  A ___________ is a lady’s undergarment designed to produce a particular effect on the figure. That effect usually results in a slim (or slimmer) waist and larger busts and hips.

52.  A ___________ is a formal statement of principle

53.  A ______________ is a house or a place where a person lives.

54.  When you make a __________, you go somewhere or do something that is unusual or not normal for you.

55.  __________________ are slaves.

56.  Simon's fury and anger regarding the Civil War would certainly have been _______________ because there would have been nothing he could have done about it.

57.  To be ________________ is to be shamelessly bold, as if you don't care what anyone thinks about you.

58.  A _____________ person is an evil person.

59.  _________________ are members of a branch of a Protestant Christian denomination.

60.  A _____________ is a pointed or sharpened pole or stake. Many pickets held together can make a picket fence.

61.  ___________ is devotion to religious duties and practices

62.  A _______________ is a preference, or a preferred way of doing something. Thus, the Radley's preferred way of spending a Sunday afternoon was to keep the doors closed and not receive visitors

63.  The soldier stood ______________ straight.

64.  When Scout says that their _____________ was _____________, she means that the games they had invented to pass the time had become old and had lost their interest.

65.  taciturn (adj.): almost always silent. Apparently, Aunt Alexandra's husband was a very quiet or _________________ man.

66.  unsullied (adj.): something that is unsullied has been basically untouched or unused. The fact that Atticus's edition of the Code of Alabama is _____________ would, in this case, indicate that he seldom consults this book.