Patrick Henry's "Speech to the Virginia Convention" Vocabulary

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Patrick Henry's Speech Vocabulary Quiz

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vigilant supplication spurned solace martial inviolate allusions discourse persuasion rhetorical question assertion adversary avert inevitable insidious

     Literature is a work of words and the work must have lasting importance. Patrick Henry's speech is an example. Literature can be written or oral . A speech writer often begins his or her speech by using a - a question an author asks to get readers or listeners thinking; not a question that one is required to answer aloud. Writers may also use which are references to something readers or listeners are supposed to know about. A writer uses these as shortcuts to reach readers who have a common cultural background. Sometimes writers and speakers want to influence others to act, so they use - discourse that uses appeals to logic or emotion to convince someone to change his or her ideas.
     In his speech, Patrick Henry made an - a statement that declared his position that American colonists should go to war against England. England had become an or opponent because it had the colonists requests for fair treatment. Henry believed that war was because England was behaving in a or warlike manner. He believed England was acting in an , sneaky manner to keep colonists peaceful. Henry said, though, that colonists could not the storm of war. Henry believed he was being and that his study of England's behavior could help the colonists. He wanted the colonists' government to be , not corrupt. Although Henry spoke of God, he believed the time of
asking God for peace was over. Colonists had been taking or comfort from the promises of English leaders who had no intention of keeping their word. Patrick Henry concluded his speech by stating that he would face death in order to have liberty. His words motivated the colonists and perhaps changed the history of the world.



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