Mr. Fornnarino's 9/28/12 Vocabulary Challenge

Fill-in-the-blank Exercise

Fill in all of the blanks. Then press "Check" to check your answers.

Word Bank: scrutinize provoke zenith bereaved infernal remorse prudent disheveled propensity appalling haughty inconsistent
Mr. Fornnarino has a or preference for assigning difficult vocabulary words. He isn't or conceited about it; he just is because he knows his students need good vocabulary skills to be successful in life. By teaching his students what they need to know, Mr. Fornnarino will not experience .
Some students their work carefully before they turn it in. They want to make sure they have made no errors. Others have an habit of tossing off careless work. That makes their grades and unpredictable. students sometimes produce poor work; of course, this doesn't apply to Mr. Fornnarino's students. They are awesome!

Do you want a challenge? Reach the of your English 1 achievements. I want to you into solving this quiz. Can you do it? You may call it an quiz because it is so hard and awful, but if you can do it, you will not be one of the . You will be triumphant!