Mr. Fornnarino's Week of 11/12/12 Vocabulary Fill-in-the-Blank Practice

Fill-in-the-Blank Exercise

Fill in all of the blanks. Then press "Check" to check your answers.

Word Bank - Use the word bank to choose the correct word to fill in the blank in each sentence.
tranquil (adj) – peaceful

acquitted (adj) – innocent

impassive (adj) – calm reluctant (adj) – unwilling
exhilarated (adj) – excited

 peeved (adj) – angry

 impaired (adj) – handicapped

 fatalistic (adj) – sadly confident
cynical (adj) - pessimistic
1. Despite the disdain of most of White Maycomb, Atticus hopes that Tom will be an man
2. Jem is nearly tremulous with the hope that the acquittal will happen.
3. After all of the repugnance expressed during the trial, some days in Maycomb would be appreciated by all.
4. Atticus is anything but irresolute, yet he seems to guarantee a victory.
5. Bob Ewell is and has reproachful feelings towards Atticus over what was said during the trial.
6. If only the jury members could expunge their racist ideas and see Tom as an individual who couldn’t beat anyone.
7. Dill can’t figure out how candid people can remain when an innocent person is being shamed.
8. While many citizens in Maycomb are about minorities, others are just plain impudent.
9. As many can see only one unmitigated outcome for the trial, most are about Tom’s chances.