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MLA Research Paper Questions

MLA Questions

Questions Answers
1. What are MLA research papers?  

2. Are all research papers MLA papers?

3. What is the MLA?  
4. Why should you follow MLA rules?  
5. What is plagiarism?  
6. What are the required parts of MLA research papers?  
7. What are the two parts of MLA documentation style?  
8. What are in-text and parenthetical citations?  
9. What are different ways to create in-text and/or parenthetical citations for information found in a book?  
10. What does it mean to cite a source?  
11. What is on a Works Cited page?  
12. When do I create works-cited entries?  
13. What are the MLA Core Elements of every entry in a works-cited list?  
14. Where can I find a sample MLA research paper that has explanations?  
15. What are the general rules a writer must follow to write MLA papers?  
16. How do I begin the process of creating a paper?  

17. What does the first page of an MLA research paper include?


18. What should the first page of a research paper look like?

19. How do I avoid the failing grade and possible suspension that could result from plagiarism?  
20. How do the two parts of MLA documentation work together to prevent plagiarism?  
21. How do readers find an authorís name (Irving) on a Works Cited page?  
22. What does a parenthetical citation for a book look like?  

23. What does a works-cited entry for a book look like and how do I find the necessary core elements to create it?

24. What do a title page and a copyright page look like?  
25. What do I need to have to create works-cited entries for online sources?  
26. What does a quote look like in a research paper?  
When should you use citations?  
27. How do you use a quote that is more than four lines long?  
28. What is the easiest way to create any type of works-cited entry?  

29. How do I find the necessary publication information to create a works-cited entry for an online journal?


30. Iíve written a works-cited entry for each source that I am going to use. Now, how do I take notes?

31. How do I turn my notes into a good paper?  
32. How do I write my conclusion?  
33. What does a Works Cited page look like?