Cooperative Learning: Evaluating and Correcting Note Cards


Directions: With a partner evaluate one another's note cards. Use the following questions to guide your discussion. Write answers to the questions for your partner's note cards. Use your partner's answers to guide your efforts as you continue the writing process.

  1. What is your partner’s thesis statement and the three things he/she is trying to prove?                
  2. Which note cards do NOT contain complete information? Each note card should have a source’s author or shortened title, reason heading, a note, page numbers of the source (if available), and quotations marks if the information is a direct quote. Help your partner fix incomplete note cards.




  1. Which note cards seem unrelated to the topic or to the controlling idea? Why?  Have your partner check with a teacher to see if those cards need to be thrown away.  Write your name  below this question and write “Okay” or “Check with teacher.”

  2. Which of your partner's note cards are most interesting? Why?

  3. Choose one note card with a direct quotation that would be more effective as a paraphrase, and identify it by writing the first three words of the note. Then, on a separate sheet of paper, write your paraphrase of the note.



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