Cooperative Learning: Evaluating a Partnerís Topic and Thesis Statement

Directions: Discuss your topic idea and pre-reading with a partner. Use the following questions to guide your discussion. Write answers to the questions about your partner's research paper. Use your partner's answers to guide your note-taking for your own paper.

1. What is your partner's name and topic?



2. What is your partner's thesis statement?



3. Do you think your partner's topic is interesting? Why or why not? Why does your partner think his or her topic is interesting?



4. What other subtopics has your partner considered?



5. What other subtopic could you suggest for your partner to consider?



6. Do you think that your partner will find adequate resources? Why or why not? (Have your partner describe his or her pre-reading.)



7. Where could your partner look for additional information on his or her topic? (Where have you found good resources for yours?)



8. What part of your partner's topic would you most like to learn more about? Why?