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Unit 1, Part 1 - Live and Learn: Growing Pains  



  1. Course/Unit 1 Introduction/Putting the Pieces Together

  2. Diagnostic Self-Assessment of Reading Ability (Assess. 11-12)

  3. LOL 12-13 Cartoon Drawing - "Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterwards."/Yacapaca Vocabulary


  1. Complete/Correct Cartoon Drawing

  2. LOL 1-11 Role Play &  Writing Diagnostic Self-Assessment

  1. Continue LOL 1-11 Role Play

  2. Write Log Entries

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  1. Role Play Assessment - Two Correct Log Entries

  2. "Utterly Perfect Murder" Summary, Questions, and Activities

  3. DOL -  44T, P. 47C (Punctuating Quotations)

  4. Reading Log - Paragraph entry - What does literature teach us about how people everywhere are changed by the times, places, and experiences they encounter?  Which has the greater influence on most people’s lives: events from their past or hopes for their future? What growing pains have you experienced?  Do you think the painful experiences in your life will affect you as an adult?

Grammar Gorillas (Hints and games to learn nouns, verbs, and all 8 parts of speech)

Capitalization Rules and Self-Assessment

  1. Student Paragraph Presentations

  2. LOL 14-16, Characteristics and Strategies for Reading Fiction

  3. Debate Preparation -TE 21 & WML 23 - "Punishment for crimes of revenge should be more severe than punishment for other crimes."

  1. DOL (Punctuating Quotations) Corrections

  2. "The Utterly Perfect Murder"

  3. Yacapaca UPM, Vocabulary, and Grammar Assessments

  1. DOL 37T, P. 37

  2. UPM Assessment Corrections

  3. Debate - "Punishment for crimes of revenge should be more severe than punishment for other crimes."




  1.  WML 47,55

  2. "American History" Reading Log - Should people be discouraged from interracial relationships that could blossom into love?

  3. Personal Connection LOL 27 - Cluster Diagram - JFK Assassinated!!! 

"American History" Summary
  1. Goal Setting - A15-16

  2. Complete reading "American History" LOL 27-38/Yacapaca Vocabulary

  3. Online Plot Diagram Tool and Printout - Small group and class viewing and decision making discussion

Practice - Choose 2 pieces of music - one for normal life of El Building and one for mood after JFK dies.

  1. DOL Capitalization

  2. Small group music presentations

  3. Whole class music presentations/Discussion - What does this story teach readers about living in a diverse society?  How do historical events and music affect people's emotions?

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  1. DOL Capitalization

  2. "American History" Correction

  3. District Essay - Pre-writing

  1. MAP

  2. District Essay - Rough Draft

  1. Daily Grammar - Punctuating Compound Sentences

  2. Complete District Writing Sample

  3. Reading Log - What rules should young adults follow when dating?


Summary of the "Bass, the River, and Sheila Mant"

Help with Understanding "The Bass, The River, and Sheila Mant"

More Help

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  1. Daily Grammar - Brain Pop Conjunctions

  2. TBTR&SM Reading and Discussion

  1. Review Crossword

  1. Daily Grammar - More Conjunctions

  2. TBTR&SM Reading and Discussion

  3.  Compare/Contrast Graphic Organizer and Compare/Contrast Paragraph Assessment

  1. Daily Grammar - DOL 13T, 19C (Indefinite Pronouns as Subjects, Pronoun Antecedents)

  2. Compare/Contrast Paragraph Assessment

  1. Complete Daily Grammar - DOL 13T, 19C (Indefinite Pronouns as Subjects, Pronoun Antecedents)

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  1. Focus on Nonfiction Notes - LOL 50-51

  2. What is the difference between ignorance and illiteracy? Personal Connection Cluster p. 52

  3. Caged Bird Assessment

  1. DOL TE p. 54 (Indefinite Pronouns)

  2. Complete "Caged Bird" Assessment

  1. DOL TE p. 65

  2. Share information about dyslexia/LOL 79-81 Class Discussion (p. 81 TE) What are some significant pressures young people face today?


  1. Complete "On Being Seventeen" Assessment

  2. Unit 1.1 Practice Test



  1. Complete Unit 1, Part 1 Summative Assessment Check (Rubric)

  1. Tinkertoy Grammar Introduction

  2. Tinkertoy Sentence Construction

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  1. DOL 22T,  24C (Adj. or Adv.?)

  2. "Through the Tunnel" - What are some symbols of maturity for ninth graders?

  3. "Through the Tunnel"  Strategic Reading: Compare/Contrast

  1. DOL Brain Pop Quiz(Adj. or Adv.?)

  2. Complete "Through the Tunnel"

  3. "Through the Tunnel" Compare/Contrast Paragraph

  1. DOL - Comparatives/Superlatives

  2. Discussion "Marigolds" - Explain whether or not you believe that lack of hope and opportunity causes people to become destructive.

  3. Sequencing/Vocabulary Worksheet

  1. Complete "Marigolds" Worksheet

  2. Notes - Characteristics of Poetry

  3. Discussion- "The Road Not Taken" - What are the benefits of being different?  What are the benefits of conforming/"

  4. Poetry Worksheet and Open-Book Test

  1. Small Group Discussion- "The Road Not Taken" - What are the benefits of being different?  What are the benefits of conforming?"

  2. Poetry Worksheet and Open-Book Test

  1. Brain Pop Movie and Quiz - "Poetry, Painting with Words"

  2. Writing a Thematic Poem with a Rhyme Scheme


  1. Present poems and explain rhyme schemes.

  2. Small group discussion – remembrances of elementary school

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  1. Assessment Check/Unit Goal Setting

  2. Reading a novel - Can education prevent racism?

  3.  To Kill a Mockingbird - Chapter 1 -Comprehension Questions and Character Table

 Learn Quest - How did the Great Depression cause people to become isolated from one another?
  1. Daily Grammar – Correct the following:

  2. Me and her went to see a movie yesterday.

    Give the book to your advisement teacher or I.

  3. Check Chapter 1 questions and table.

  4. Read Chapter 2 and answer questions; add to table.

  5. Copy vocabulary words and definitions from the board.

TKAM Student Survival Guide
  1. Daily Grammar – Correct the following:

  2.      sit down and begin the teacher said

         also turn in your homework she said

  3. PowerPoint Notes

  4. TKAM Chapter 3 Storyboard

Movie Making Tutorial
  1. Chapter 1 Vocabulary Puzzle

  2. Complete TKAM Chapter 3 Storyboard

  1. Sentence Fragments

  2. Movie Rubric/Assignments

  1. Sentence Fragments, Phrases, Clauses

  2. Chapter 3 Questions and Screen Tests

  3. Chapter 4 Reading and Questions

Practice - Complete/Correct Questions for Chapters 3-5.

  1. Identifying Sentence Fragments, Phrases, Clauses
    a. To the moon.  b. If I had time.  c. I love ice cream.

  2. Movie Screening, Homework Check

  1. Semester 1, Final Exam

  1. Review TKAM Chapters 1-8, Read Chapter 9

  2. DOL - I need to lie down.      I need to lay my keys down on the table. p. 33 Grammar Mini-Lesson

  3. Essential Questions: How can people endure hard times and triumph over difficulties?  (How are we each like a Tasmanian Devil and what should we do about the devil inside us?) pp. 196-197

  1. DOL - p. 33 Grammar Mini-Lesson

  2. Pages 196+

  3. Complete Chapter 9

Mythology Research Paper  
Step 1 View Requirements and Begin your Research

Mythology Web

Zeus, Poseideon, and the Trojan War

Greek Mythology

Greek People, Places, and Things

Greek Mythology with Cartoon Pictures

Unit 2, Part 2 - Trials and Tribulations: Against the Odds


Unit 3, Part 1 - Family: Mixed Blessings


Unit 3, Part 2 - Family: Your Terms


Unit 4 - The Hero: Odysseus


Unit 5 - Mysteries and Deceptions


Special Unit - Friendship and Love: Romeo and Juliet

Download Shakespeare PowerPoint
Romeo and Juliet: The Whole Play in a Few Sentences
Romeo and Juliet: The Complete Play
Romeo and Juliet: Word Order and Yoda
Romeo and Juliet: Good Summary of Play (5th Grade Level) - Page 4 of the Guide; Definitions of Frequent Words - Page 6
Romeo and Juliet: Act I Questions
Romeo and Juliet: Act II Questions
Romeo and Juliet: Act III Questions
Romeo and Juliet: Act IV Questions
Romeo and Juliet: Act V Questions
Romeo and Juliet: Review Crossword
Romeo and Juliet: Themes
Romeo and Juliet: Sparknotes
Romeo and Juliet: Link for Audio Files

Unit 6 - Researching Matters of Life and Death

Step 1 - View Requirements
Step 2- View Sample Research Paper
Step 3 - Print Out MLA PowerPoint Questions

View MLA PowerPoint and Answer Questions

Check MLA PowerPoint Answers

Step 4 -  - Choose Your Topic
Step 5 - Survey Your Topic, Find Sources, Make Source Cards
Step 6- Finalize Your Topic Choice and Write a Thesis Statement

Evaluate Topic Choice and Thesis

Step 7 - Enter Source Card Information on Research Paper Note-taking Table
Step 8- Create Note Cards

Evaluate and Correct Note Cards

Complete Research Paper Note-taking Table

Step 9 - Use Your Cards and Table to Make an Outline
Step 10 - Write the First Draft

Evaluating the First Draft

Step 11 - Practice Creating Works Cited Entries and Parenthetical Citations

Check Your Practice

Create Your Real Works Cited Page and Check Matching Parenthetical Citations

Check Your Documentation

Step 12 - Edit Your Paper
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