Native American Voices

This lesson is the fourth in the Native American Literature unit, the first unit in’s complete, year-long, American Literature course. In this 50 minute lesson, students experiment with voice as they use figurative language, metaphor, onomatopoeia, repetition, and rhythm to create their own poem which expresses a lesson humans can learn from nature.


Needed Materials

Knowledge Targets

  1. Define voice, figurative language, and sensory imagery.
  2. State the steps of the writing process: prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing.

 Skills Targets

  1. Apply knowledge gained from reading and explicating poetry.
  2. Use figurative language in personal writing.

 Product Target

  1. Write an original poem that meets the requirements set forth in the rubric.


Step: 1 Duration: 10 minutes – Product Target 1

Review Lesson 3. Have students state purpose for today’s reading. 


Step 2: Duration 20  minutes – Knowledge Target 1

Have students take notes on new literary terms.


Step 3: Duration 20 minutes – Knowledge Target 2, Skills Targets 1 and 2. Product Target 1.

Discuss the steps of the writing process. Tell students they will demonstrate the knowledge and skills they have thus far acquired in the unit to create a work using their own voice. Project the image of the rubric or pass out printouts.

Tell students to pre-write using every other line on a page so that they can have room to edit and revise.   


Step 4: Duration 10 minutes – Skills Targets 1 and 2; Product Target 1

Have students self-evaluate their poems using the rubric.

Students who need more time should complete their work for homework.



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