Native American Voices

This lesson is the third in the Native American Literature unit, the first unit in’s complete, year-long, American Literature course. In this 50 minute lesson, students continue the second lesson and explicate "Song of the Sky Loom."


Needed Materials

Knowledge Targets

  1. State the definition of explication.

 Skills Targets

  1. Self-select appropriate strategies for monitoring comprehension.
  2. Use the two strategies of multiple readings and asking questions to understand a poem.

  3. Explicate a poem.

 Product Target

  1. Write an explication of "Song of the Sky Loom" which meets the requirements set forth in the rubric.


Step: 1 Duration: 15 minutes – Skills Target 1 and 2

Briefly review Lessons 1 and 2. Preview today's targets and have students state purpose for today’s reading. Direct students to complete answering "Song of the Sky Loom" Questions.


Step 2: Duration 15  minutes – Knowledge Target 1

Discuss answers to "Song of the Sky Loom" Questions. Pass out handouts or project on a screen the handout at Click on the link that shows a bad and a good explication. To show them one about a different poem, you may use this link. After reading the handout, ask students to state the definition of explication.


Step 3: Duration 30 minutes – Skills Targets 2 and 3. Have students use and the rubric to write an explication of "Song of the Sky Loom." Teachers may want to preview for themselves the sample explication at




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